Social Security Disability


Social Security Disability is for persons who cannot work because of injury or illness.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are for persons who have paid enough Social Security taxes into the system and pay benefits regardless of your financial situation. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is for persons who are poor and disabled. Social Security Disability comes with Medicare coverage after two years. SSI comes with Medical Assistance right away.

The concept is good, but the reality is not. The standard for proving disability is very rigorous. Regardless of whether you can do your old job, you have to prove that you cannot do any job. How this is determined is controlled by a three inch thick book of statutes and regulations, hundreds of Social Security Rulings, and thousands of reported federal court decisions. Most persons are denied twice and have to go to a hearing.

You need an advocate and Social Security’s own statistics show that your chances of prevailing are much better if you are represented than if you are not. You need to be represented by someone who knows Social Security law and regulations and who has extensive hearing experience. Mitch Lambros has that experience. He has obtained Social Security Disability for over 1700 clients.

There are many myths about Social Security Disability that are not true. Get the facts. [Myths About Social Security].


Can you afford representation? Yes. No attorney is owed anything unless the case is successful, and then the fee is limited to 25% of what is owed to you with no fee owed on any future payments made to you. A fee can never be more than $5,300.

So, please, if you or someone you care about is disabled from work, contact us so that we can help.